Garden design Lindfield

Garden Design Lindfield, West Sussex

For garden lovers, there is an Horticultural Society created in 1945. They hold different flower and vegetable shows every year at the village hall opposite the Pond. You can also buy plants to design your garden.

Nearest gardens around Lindfield:

  • Borde Hill Garden is the nearest garden (2 miles away) open to the public.
  • Wakehurst Place (4 miles away) is an amazing botanic garden which is home to the Millennium Seed Bank.
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Lindfield also has allotment gardens, the entrance is in Gravelye lane. The allotments are open to all residents.The countryside around the village is part of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Beauty.

Lindfield is a lovely historic village in West Sussex, 5 mn away from Haywards Heath. The name ‘Lindfield’ is a reference to the Lime trees. The high street is still lined with these trees. The village has a iconic pond at the bottom of the high street. The town has kept its architectural heritage with lots of independent shops.

My office is really close by to the village. I also work as a garden designer in Haywards Heath and the surrounding area.