Projects details:

  • 60 sqm of beds
  • Soil: Clay
  • Planting style: Naturalistic style with herbaceous perennials

Testimonial from Bill Allen, a client in Lindfield, West Sussex:

“I moved to my present property in Lindfield a few months ago and the garden was rather dull and in a mess. As
my knowledge of plants is not very good, I asked Paul Lehmann to advise and he came up with an
interesting planting plan.

Paul set about removing all of the old boring plants and weeds, dug out all of the flower beds mixing
in plentiful quantities of compost and then set about buying and planting various shrubs and
flowering plants in an excellent array.

He subsequently covered all the soil with a mulch of wood chips, leaving the garden looking
immaculate. Finally, he provided a detailed plan of all the plants installed.

Paul is a good time keeper and a very thoughtful and thorough worker, who is very easy to get on
with, whom I am happy to recommend.”

Bill Allen – Lindfield