Planting design can be a complex affair. If you just want to redesign a part of your garden or create a new bed, planting design can be a good option.

Plants are one of the most important features of a garden, determining the character, style, scents and the changing effects from season to season and year to year.

There is an infinite number of ways of growing and combining ornamental plants and there are many thousands of readily available plants with which to plan a scheme.

Planting schemes

I will design a planting scheme that reflects your individual taste and that suits your site, soil and local conditions. There are many planting styles to choose from: mixed planting, cottage planting, modernist planting, naturalistic planting… To create a unified planting scheme that offers year-round interest you need a balance of different types of plants.

Planting schemes are prepared, with detailed layout plans and individual plants represented by circles, including plant varieties and species, quantities and spacing. Plant images are collated to help visualise the scheme, and a full schedule of plants documented.

Step 1: Survey

The first stage is to assess your site, soil and local conditions

 Step 2: Planting design

Planting plan is prepared including layout plans and individual plants. An optional maintenance schedule will ensure the garden will be kept as planned.

Step 3: Sourcing plants

Plant schedules are sent to local trade nurseries for availability and pricing.


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